‘It is an art to get inside the head of the group that does dare.’
As a boy of twelve I was already patiently scouring the ground with a metal detector, looking for old finds. The fascination for woodwork soon followed. After the furniture vocational school I started as a carpenter, one of the fine carpentry. Years ago I started making scaffolding wooden furniture. While photographing this I found lamps indispensable so I got lighting from everywhere, often retro. Slowly my style preference grew to the industrial that it is today. That raw, the history and the story behind it, that’s what I like about it. Where did the lamp hang? Who thought about it eighty years ago? And then to think about who wants to take the gamble for something crazy, something else? It is an art to get inside the head of the group that does dare. Now I combine my craftsmanship in wood with my industrial range. ”

Lending It is certainly possible to rent our industrial lamps and furniture to decorate a location. This also applies to photographing against credit for magazines or online media. The loan period, rent amount and / or credit statement are discussed together. Call or email for consultation.